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Wembley Stadium, London, 17 June. The little man in the crimson suit arches a theatrical eyebrow, takes aim with his Manson electric and fires off a riff that shakes the gleaming arena to its freshly laid foundations. The architects of Britain’s face-lifted national stadium must be shitting themselves, but the crowd is ecstatic; surging forward as though jabbed with a cattle prod; bellowing the spidery ascending lick like it’s God Save The Queen’. And it’s at this precise moment - amidst the pomp and fury of Plug In Baby, on the Sunday night of Muse’s weekend residence in June - that TG has a moment of clarity. It’s been a long, long time since we’ve seen a guitarist this good. It’s been a long, long time since we heard riffs that push the boundaries this far. This concert is the Woodstock of our generation and Matt Bellamy is our Jimi Hendrix… (x) (images)

happy thirty-sixth birthday, matthew james bellamy! (09/06/1978)

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alex turner raising his guitar in triumph after successfully serenading me until I was bawling

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